Where do I find..?

Microsoft produce so many useful resources but it can be hard to find exactly what you need. Here are a few sites and resources which I find invaluable.

1. Microsoft Teams help & learning is a comprehensive guide to Teams, providing a range of training and support. If you're interested in the wider O365 suite, then take a look at the sister sites for OneDrive, Forms, OneNote, Planner, PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

2. All Microsoft Products provides a full list of support guides for a range of Microsoft products.

3. Help in Teams is fantastic and is personalised: you are presented with the right type of content for you. If you are a teacher, for example, you'll see different content to your students. There's a useful 'What's new' tab too, via which you can keep up to date with new features and functions which have been released in Teams.

4. If you're planning a virtual event, then the Virtual Events Playbook is incredibly useful. This 157 page guide provides comprehensive support and guidance for both Teams meetings and Live Events, and covers everything you need to consider before, during and after your event.

5. Microsoft's New World of Work resources include e-books, blogs, events, podcasts, and videos which can help if you are involved in thinking about shifting the way your organisation thinks and operates, from your hybrid strategy, to encouraging diversity, building resilience, and encouraging innovation and creativity.

6. If you're an educator, then the Microsoft Educator Center offers training and resources to help you use Teams and Office 365 in your teaching. Once registered, you can earn badges for completing courses, and can progress towards gaining Microsoft Innovative Educator status.

7. If you're involved in driving digital adoption, then this course which introduces the Microsoft service adoption framework is a must. A range of adoption guidance can also be found here.

8. Microsoft's Coffee in the Cloud YouTube channel offers best practice and 'how to' guides for admins and digital champions. And Mike Tholfsen's channel is exceptional, especially for educators. He's recently launched on TikTok too.

9. The Microsoft Teams Blog offers news, tips and best practice from the Teams team.

10. The Accessibility fundamentals course will support you in thinking about how to ensure that you make your workplace more inclusive.

And finally...of course, there's LinkedIn and Twitter - just search for #microsoftteams to discover updates, Teams experts, and top tips.

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